Self Storage for Beginners

Self Storage for BeginnersMoving can be tough. To reduce hassle, many people choose to temporarily use self storage units to store items that won’t be put to use for a while. This is especially true if remodeling projects are on the horizon for the new home. The following quick tips will help those who don’t have experience using self-storage units.

Couches and Beds

Utilize furniture coverings to protect from dust and mildew. Larger coverings or bags can usually be purchased at storage facilities. When storing a mattress or couch, be aware of whether you’ve positioned them too close to other furniture. Over long periods of time, color transfer between items becomes a possibility.

Tables, Dressers, and Chairs

If a chair or table does not disassemble, place a moving blanket on the floor and store the chair or table with the legs in the air. If the chair or table does disassemble, wrap each part in plastic or bubble wrap to prevent damage. When moving dressers you can use the drawers for more fragile items. This is recommended only if you can lock or wrap the dresser doors closed.

Use lots of plastic and bubble wrap to protect the corners, especially your more valuable items. Use cotton and canvas tarps to avoid dust on furniture. These covering will also allow for airflow. Using pallets in the unit  to raise your furniture off the ground will prevent damage from moisture. You can also put down a tarp on the ground to collect moisture.

Lamps, TV’s, and General Storage

When moving lamps, wrap the bases in bubble wrap or a moving blanket. Place lamp covers in loose plastic, cotton, or bubble wrap and store them in boxes.

You can never be too careful with larger flat screen TVs and computer monitors. Temperature controlled units are the best option to protect these, and other electronics, from damage that may be caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Make sure that you properly plan for your moving or putting personal items in storage. It is vital that the proper plan is in place so that you save money as well as time. If you have any questions regarding the use of your unit, contact your friendly, professional Infinite Self Storage management team.

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